Production - Narrow Web


EuroFoil provides Printed, Primary Packaging to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Nutrition industries.


In its Narrow Web Division, EuroFoil has the following 2 state of the art UV-Flexo printing presses (2 & 5 colours). Both have a web width of 520mm.


Their features include:
•    Printing on up to 520mm wide materials.
•    Printing of up to 5 colours.
•    Infinitely variable print repeats.
•    UV curing of inks for consistent colour.
•    Automatic register
•    Pyramid Embossing Unit on our 5-Colour machine
•    2-Sided Print for Calender Packs
•    Automated Visual Inspection Unit




The fact that our narrow machines have the same web-width, print using the same process, manufactured by the same machine manufacturer, means that we have added flexibility in the following manner:

  • Our print operators can operate both printing presses.
  • ANY job we have requiring up to 2 colours + varnish can be printed on EITHER machine.
  • Plates are interchangeable between machines.

  • Cylinders and Anilox Rollers are interchangeable between machines.

EuroFoil prints on a variety of materials:

  • Blister Foil (20, 25 & 30 Microns)
  • Paper/PE/ALU/Surlyn Laminates
  • Polyester/ALU/PE or Surlyn Laminates
  • Shampoo Laminates

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