Production - Wide Web


In our Wide Web section we can provide Printed & Slit finished reels up to 1280mm Wide and up to 500kg per Reel.


This new area is designed for Wide Web Reels or Bulk Production of Printed & Slit Sachet Laminates, Flow-wraps, Stick Packs, Strip Packs as well as monofilms.


This division has one Wide Web Printing Press and two Slitter/Rewind/Inspection Units.



The Wide Web printing Press has the following characteristics:
•  1320mm Web Width (up to 1280mm printed)
•  8 Colours print
•  Water Based Ink Printing
•  Print Process is Central Impression (CI) Flexo
•  Speed: Up to 350 Metres per Minute
•  Automated Visual Inspection Unit
•  Colour Management System
•  Automatic Wash Up System
•  Automatic Viscosity System
•  Automatic register System
•  Corona Treatment System
•  Flying Splice System
•  Web Cleaner
•  Anti Static Bars
•  Capable of up to 170,000 Square Metres in 1 Shift (8 hours)

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